The King of “Hobbit-Town”

Living AmongThe Pharohs Faroes

The Faroe Islands, Denmark’s attic playground, offers those who discover it, a lush green Xanadu best viewed when the clouds lift. Thankfully for the last 10 days, the clouds parted enough when we needed them to.

We ended up driving every kilometer of roads there were here, covering 11 of the 18 islands. Though the distances between wonders were small, getting out of the car, taking a picture, trotting up or downhill to a BETTER picture surely took its toll. I have some advanced arthritis in my “shooting finger” from firing off so many shots. Unlike almost everywhere else I’ve been, the Faroes don’t seem to NEED tourism. The roads are fine, the houses seem freshly painted in a myriad of colors to compliment the eternal green. I kept calling this place Hobbit-town, since this would be the place for Bilbo Baggins to live, a modern-day shire. The Faroes exist on fish and fish processing. One of the mountains here has been converted into a huge fish “freezer” for the while the “townies” were happy to see some new faces, you were free to adapt to their established rythmns; shops open at 11am, everything closed on Sunday. But after ten days and all this scenery, it’s time to move on. The next “hop” is over to Bergen, Norway today for three more weeks of the same. We swap Danish Krona for Norwegian Krone and keep on driving.